A treehouse way up high


A treehouse way up high

Treehouses capture a child’s imagination. There are so many story books that feature treehouses, from Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series to Andy Griffith’s and Terry Denton’s The Storey Treehouse books. It’s no wonder that children, whether at home or in school, love playing in houses.

A playhouse helps a child to use their imagination. It encourages creative play and enhances early education. Children enjoy mimicking through play what they see at home, they will play families, role play, clean and cook in the kitchen and sleep in the bedrooms. It’s a group activity where all children will play together and help them to bond and play nicely in a group.

What materials are best for building a playhouse?

Playhouses can be made out of all sorts of materials; you can get them made of tent material, plastic, fabric or wood. In a world where we are trying to use less plastic, it’s more sustainable to build playhouses out of wood. Wood is a renewable resource that is better for the environment. Wooden toys are aesthetically more pleasing than plastic toys and they tend to last longer too. As wooden toys can be stripped of colour, repainted and varnished without losing the quality or structure of the material, wooden toys can be adapted to suit the age and interests of the child whereas plastic will crack or fade.

Things to consider

You visualise a tree house up high in a tree. Wooden steps spiralling up the trunk of the tree to a branch with a platform, where the tree house sits proudly. As magical as that would be, we don’t always have trees that are suitable for this. Many playhouses are free standing (without any height issues) and can be placed on the playground or in a field.

Treehouses can also be great to help add space and possibly even add value to your home. They provide a designated play area and can make a wonderful feature for your garden. They can even add additional sleeping space if steered more in the direction of a cabin with a secure roof and walls. A treehouse will usually be bespoke to your needs, and all designed differently, depending on the tree. You need to determine where in the garden it will go and whether you want it facing the sun, up high or on the ground. Of course, children grow up, so you need to decide if it’s just something to use while they are little or if you want it to grow with them. You need to consider what your tree house will be used for, a place for your children to role play and hide or if you want it to be used as a room for extra sleeping space. You have the option to add running water and electricity, depending on its use.

What Ace Play can do?

Here at Ace Play, we can supply and install a number of different playhouses. These include our hobbit house. Our hobbit house design is based on the homes of the characters created by the bestselling author JRR Tolkien and seen in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies. Our hobbit houses can be made in a range of sizes to suit the space where they will be located. They are ideally suited for nurseries and school playgrounds. For more information about the dreams we can create contact us here.

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