Back to school


Back to school

Blink and you missed it! The Summer holidays are nearly at a close and it is time to start thinking about ‘back to school’ preparations. It’s not only the children and parents that need to get ready for the new term, schools also need to make sure everything is ready for the big return – inside and out.

One important area – well it definitely will be for the children – is making sure your playground or indoor play areas are clean, safe and ready for new adventures.

Out with the old

If your play area has been unused over the long summer holidays it is important that it is thoroughly cleaned and tidied up. Debris from last term and the build-up of detritus which has accumulated throughout July and August needs to be swept up and thrown away. If it is an outdoor playground, then any fallen leaves that have gathered or weeds that have started to grow, also need to be removed. Tidying up the playground instantly makes it more attractive and welcoming for play. 

Safety first

The start of the new school term is also a good time to check that all the equipment is still sound and safe to use. Check that nothing has corroded or rotted away over the summer, particularly if the weather has been extreme. Severe heat or excessive wet weather can impact the integrity of play equipment, so it is vital that everything is checked thoroughly – from ropes through to nuts and bolts. 

A lick of paint

With all this tidying and safety checking going on, it is probably a good time to make sure that everything clean and fresh too. A wash down or a new coat of paint can potentially give older equipment a new lease of life.

Reuse or replace?

However, even with the very best maintenance, indoor and outdoor playground equipment still only has a finite lifespan. On inspection, if you find that your playground facilities require a refresh, then Ace Play can help you with the design and installation of all types of outdoor play areas or indoor play apparatus. The company can also advise you on the best one for your space and budget. Find out more at

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