Built to last – creating our products


Built to last – creating our products

Quality and longevity have always been at the core of what we do at Ace Play. Our products have to be engaging and fun, but they also have to deliver in other areas too. So, we use our imaginations to conceive the most engaging and educational equipment we can – but we also need to think how we are going to create them, to bring our ideas to life.

Positive steps to sustainability

One key consideration of our range of products is the environment. Sustainability is something we’re always mindful of in our designs – how can be make it fun and interactive, but also keeping its impact and carbon footprint to the minimum? We source the materials for our equipment from the UK and Europe and ensure that they are the most sustainable options available. We recreate our designs in our workshop, where our products’ components are gathered for assembly. At Ace Play, we’re especially strong on our use of timber as much as we can. Using natural components ensures our business is taking positive steps towards sustainability. Where we can, we strive to create products that once they are used and have reached the end of their lifespan, will be able to degrade without impacting the environment. Demonstrating environmental awareness is key to our success and we are pleased to be making our own contribution to our surroundings in such a constructive way.  

Long-lasting and durable

Longevity is also an important aspect of our work, so we make sure our equipment is long-lasting and will stand the test of time – and the weather! One of our greatest challenges is the British climate. We have to make our equipment built to last, with an eye on the conditions it will be facing. Some of our larger pieces of kit will be out in all weathers and will have to withstand wind and rain – not to mention subzero winter temperatures, snow and frost. So as well as all the other design considerations we have to take into account, we have to make the materials durable too. In this way, our products represent great value for our customers, whilst being hard-wearing for our users too.

Safe but fun

Another thing we have to consider is the safety aspect. The visual impact and raw materials of our activity equipment is important, but all our designs are created with user safety at the forefront of our minds. There’s no point is created equipment at looks fantastic but could cause harm. Taking part in outdoor activity is all about exercise and movement. It’s designed to make children and young people become active – to get them running, jumping, swinging, dangling and sliding towards improved mental and physical wellbeing. They need to be able to let loose, without focussing on the safety aspects, which should simply be built-in to the design. We do this by incorporating aspects such as mats, safer floor coverings and safety surfaces into our designs, so there’s enjoyment, smiles and exercise, without the worry.

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