Climbing the walls? What’s so great about a bouldering or climbing wall?


Climbing the walls? What’s so great about a bouldering or climbing wall?

A climbing or bouldering wall has a variety of different hand hold to simulate a real life rock face and can be built inside or outside. Climbing routes across it and up and down it can vary in difficulty by having the hand holds and foot holds spaced further apart and also by these grips being designed in different sizes and shapes. So they can be suitable for a wide range of ages, sizes and climbing ability.

Climbing brings a new dimension of playtime fun

Climbing brings a whole new dimension of playtime fun to a play space, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Children love to challenge themselves, and each other, so they can get competitive by seeing how quickly they can reach the top of the wall or see how many different routes they can use to get there. Why not a speed challenge to see how fast they can traverse the wall from one side to the other?

In addition to all the fun to be had from climbing walls and bouldering walls, there are loads of other advantages to having one of these installed too.

Climbing builds confidence and social skills

As with many different types of play apparatus, children will increase their social skills and confidence by learning to share, take turns and support and encourage one another while enjoying climbing.

These walls provide an opportunity for children to engage in a challenging physical activity which may be quite different from their normal experience of sports.

Climbing is an excellent way to encourage children to get active and it provides an opportunity for them to take part in an activity that helps build strength and flexibility, in their arms, legs and core.

Some youngsters who may not excel at or particularly enjoy the traditional team sports, such as football or rugby may discover a whole new hobby and take up bouldering or rope climbing as a result.

Our climbing walls are designed to be low enough to be safe but are technically challenging too, while our bouldering wall is loads of fun for the over 7 year olds. Contact us today to find out more.

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