Gym anywhere


Gym anywhere

We see daily the benefits of physical activity. It’s important to stay healthy by eating the right foods and working out. Exclusive gym memberships with use of the spa facilities sounds extravagant and for many, with rising costs, it certainly is. Free to use, outdoor gyms are popping up in everywhere in local parks and allow anyone to work out whenever they like without the hefty membership fees.

Benefits of exercising outdoors

There are many benefits to exercising outside. Keeping active, fresh air and natural daylight improves wellbeing. Exercise outdoors improves sleep and boosts vitamin D levels. Fresh air is good for your digestive system, it helps improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthens your immune system, gives you more energy and a sharper mind and overall makes you feel happier. The addition of nature, trees and fresh air makes exercise varied and fun.

About outdoor gyms

Outdoor gyms are suitable for all fitness levels, although it is always recommended to consult a doctor before any new exercise. If you want to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain weight, an outdoor gym has different types of equipment, in just the same way as an indoor gym. From cardio pieces, such as the outdoor bike or cross trainer, to strength and resistance pieces, such as the chest press, shoulder press or leg press, so you can be sure of a full body workout if you want one. Use your own body weight to build strength on the bars, or the resistance ranges, or hop on a cardio piece to get your heart rate going and burn calories, or a combination of the two.

Keeping it local

The local park is usually local to you which means it’s good for the environment as it reduces or completely eliminates journey times. Equipment used in outdoor gyms requires no electricity, is low maintenance, and uses very few human resources. Most of the materials used in their construction, including aluminium, steel, and sustainable plastics, are recyclable.

The benefit to it being in the local park is that parents can work out whilst their children play on the outdoor play equipment or kick a ball. Children seeing their parents working out in a fun environment and seeing how the gym equipment works helps them towards a healthy lifestyle. Even if children are too young to use the equipment themselves, seeing adults working out in an environment that they are familiar with helps to make this seem like a natural part of daily life.

Exercising outdoors is a good opportunity to meet new people too. Outdoor gym equipment is robust, weather resistant and designed by experts in the exercise field. It enables everyone to be able to access a healthier lifestyle.

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