Keeping play secure – Suitable fencing and security to keep parks and children safe


Keeping play secure – Suitable fencing and security to keep parks and children safe

Children can express themselves through play, but they need to feel secure and safe whilst using playgrounds at school or at the park. Playgrounds create a safe environment where children can grow emotionally, physically, socially and in confidence. Schools and playgrounds have a responsibility to promote welfare and safety within a safe environment.

Safe surfacing

Playground surfacing to cushion a fall is essential for the safety of the children. Unfortunately, a lot of playground accidents occur because of issues with worn or unsuitable playground surfaces. Thankfully, technology has advanced, and it’s no longer worn asphalt or tarmac used, which would develop potholes or have loose stones that increase the risk of tripping. Nor is it always grassed areas that look beautiful from afar but can become slippery and muddy when wet.

On the market now are soft-absorbing, durable flooring and surfaces. The aesthetically pleasing surfaces can incorporate bright and bold designs, whilst providing a safe setting for outdoor learning and play. The types of surfaces that should be used are cushionfall, wet pour, rubber mulch, artificial grass and wood bark chippings. These playground surfaces are hard-wearing, maintenance free, weatherproof options and provide cushioning to lessen the risk of injury from falling.

The importance of fencing

It’s important for parks and schools to ensure the correct fencing is installed around the play areas. It demonstrates a commitment to safety and security as well as preventing unauthorised entry to the grounds. Children are contained within the safety of the fenced area allowing them to play their own, as well as helping to deter theft, anti-social behaviour, reduce the risk of vandalism and keeps dogs out. Good fencing can improve the overall aesthetic of the play area and acoustic barriers can be used to reduce noise.

Take heed of the signs

Signs go along way in helping to create a safe environment for children. Warning signs to point out the dangers, for example, if it’s a slippery surface or if there is a high drop on equipment. Signs can also be there to help prevent problems, for example, signs for you to put your rubbish in the bin or pointing out safe exit routes, if needed. Having playground rules signage in place promotes kindness, while still communicating clear playground safety to pupils. 

Here at Ace Play, we install a wide range of soft-absorbing, durable flooring and surfaces for school playgrounds, leisure centres and local authority parks and trim trails. Our range of aesthetically pleasing surfaces can incorporate bright and bold designs whilst providing a safe setting for outdoor learning, recreational and fitness environments. We can offer the best solution for your setting, including hard-wearing, maintenance-free and weather-proof options. Contact us here for more information.

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