Multigenerational park: activities for all ages


Multigenerational park: activities for all ages

When we design a play area for our customers, firstly we take a detailed brief to make sure we are designing, delivering and installing equipment that is just what they are looking for. Quite understandably, our customers are usually prioritising the needs of their average user, which tends to be young children. However, it is often really important to bear in mind that a wide range of people may be visiting a play park and the needs of all of them should be taken into consideration when it comes to design and choice of equipment too.

Safe play for little ones

Very young children may be quite overwhelmed or intimidated by the hustle and bustle of a busy playground. Setting aside an area for these tiny tots may be as simple as making sure that there are one or two toddler swings where they can learn to enjoy playing safely before graduating to the grown up swings when they are bigger. Simple pleasures, such as a water wall or an underground tunnel provide hours of safe fun for the little ones too.

Somewhere to sit

Younger children will usually be accompanied by one or more adults when they go to a playground, so providing somewhere convenient for them to sit, chat with friends, or enjoy a coffee, while keeping a careful eye on their charges, is always a good move. Benches or picnic tables will also provide a retreat for the children when they need a break from play.

Cutting down on screen time

Contrary to popular belief, there’s really no need to think that older children, particularly teenagers will not enjoy a playground. More challenging equipment, such as log stackers or climbing walls, encourages them to compete against each other; who can climb highest or fastest? A MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) will encourage this age group into the outdoors too, to play their favourite sports with a group of friends. Fresh air, physical activity and social interaction are a winning combination for youngsters, providing a great alternative to too much screen time.

Don’t forget the grown ups too

Many parents, grandparents and older friends still enjoy taking children to the park and often don’t just want to sit, watch and wait for playtime to be over. They want to have fun outside too! This is where our popular trim trails really come into their own. For lots of us, spending time in the gym is not a practical option. Racing around a trim trail however is a fun way to keep fit, enjoy the fresh air and spend time connecting with the younger generation too.

Here at Ace Play Limited we offer an extensive range of equipment suitable for all ages. Contact us to find out more.

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