Never ending fun – trim trails


Never ending fun – trim trails

School play time wouldn’t be the same without trim trails. A trim trail consists of a series of obstacles to tackle before moving onto the next. Each piece of equipment utilises a different skill to help develop and improve confidence. A popular addition to any playground, trim trails are designed in a way where a child can start at any point they wish and make their way around to complete the whole course. All the obstacles have their own challenges and will require different parts of the body to be used, offering a variety of achievable challenges.

What equipment makes up a trim trail?

Fun trail items can be installed in any sequence; the objective is for the children to progress without touching the ground. The trim trail usually consists of the following equipment, made from sustainable wood, rope and metal.

Benefits of trim trail play

A trim trail offers a unique way to explore different heights. It helps to develop core strength as well as balance and coordination. Children can explore and take part as a team to work out the route and equipment but individually performing too. It even improves cognitive ability. Trim trails allow exercise in a safe and fun environment.

One big benefit for schools is that trim trails help children meet the Ofsted requirements for physical activity as the trails requires jumping, walking, running, climbing and balancing. Schools can install trim trials and cover a wide variety of exercises without the children realising they are exercising! Trim trails are a great way to get children outside, playing and building confidence and keeping fit at the same time.

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