Play equipment: designed to increase footfall, engage, stimulate and challenge


Play equipment: designed to increase footfall, engage, stimulate and challenge

In the school holidays, local parks and playgrounds are more important than ever, providing a safe and fun space for children to burn off excess energy, meet up with friends and possibly even enjoy the sunshine (weather permitting!). If families go away for a holiday, the play facilities at their destination are just as important.

Time away from screens

A holiday park playground is the setting where children can make new friends, discover new apparatus they may never have seen before and acquire new skills when they learn to tackle it. Time spent there can provide much needed respite for their tired parents too. It’s a simple, easy and fun way for children of all ages to occupy themselves. In these technologically driven times, it’s also very valuable for children’s mental health to be spending time ‘off-line’, away from their phones, video games and TV streaming.

Making memories through play

Children always remember a good play park, and, significantly, so do their parents. We have completed thousands of projects in schools, public parks, play centres and holiday and leisure parks throughout the UK. We take great pride in designing play spaces that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Playground equipment for all ages

Ace Play’s equipment is designed not only to attract visitors, but to keep them engaged too. Whether it is brightly coloured play equipment for the youngest children, who will be thrilled to ride a roundabout, or state-of-the-art outdoor fitness equipment, that will appeal to older children wanting to test their strength, our hard-wearing equipment is designed to engage, stimulate and challenge.

Every space is uniquely and creatively designed to suit the setting and user needs. We set the highest standards for both our designs and installation, and when we see children enjoying themselves on our playground equipment and being reluctant to leave it, we can see how important these high standards are.

We support leisure park owners and local authorities to develop interactive play and fitness schemes. Play areas can be designed to complement your brand by incorporating suitable themes, colours and logos. We can discuss your specific needs during a free, no obligation consultation. Contact us today to find out more.




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