Raising money through fundraising, grants and sponsorship


Raising money through fundraising, grants and sponsorship

Outdoor play for children and young people is so important. Whether you live in a rural community, or an urban environment, being outdoors and exercising is to be encouraged as much as possible. There will be the opportunity for youngsters to get fresh air and exercise at school. While schools are often very good at making sure their exercise and activity equipment is well looked after, other public spaces cared for by local authorities and other organisations are often not so attentive at ensuring their equipment is well maintained.

If it has fallen into disrepair, or even just needs modernisation, there are many ways to get your local park play area updated. You’ll need to find out who is responsible for the upkeep of the area, or who owns the park. This might be a local authority or council but could also be a private landowner. The next thing to do is secure some funding. There are several ways you can do this.

The fun in fundraising

Perhaps the most popular way to gain funding for a community project such as a play area is via fundraising. There are dozens of different ways people can raise funds for local good causes. Many involve feats of endurance, such as running marathons, cycling challenges or swims. There is also a tendency for charities to undertake challenges such as the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’ and other climbing ascents – or sudden descents such as parachuting skydives. The great thing about fundraising is there are many charitable organisations that choose local good causes to support. It will be a case of approaching a local one and seeing if they would be interested in getting involved in your funding project.

You could organise your own sponsored event, such as a raft or duck race, or a sports event such as football match. You could sell raffle tickets or increasingly these days, use crowdfunding platforms to raise money. The fundraising route is always one that is rewarding for all concerned, both financially and emotionally, as it provides a strong sense of achievement when goals are reached and the project reaches fruition.

Exploring other avenues

If you don’t think fundraising is the way forward, then you could try applying for a grant. There may be official grants available from local authorities or other regional organisations. There may also be a way to secure National Lottery funding for the project. You will need to apply and state your case as to why the play area redevelopment is important to you. You’ll need to show what the benefits of the project will be and also how the local community will be able to enjoy the new facilities. Grants are a good option, as many are available from local authorities which are looking at investing in communal regeneration.      

Another option is to find a sponsor – either an individual or an organisation – that can provide funds for the play area to be renovated. This might involve someone who has significant links to the area, or a company with a strong sense of community spirit, who is known to lend their name or brand to local community projects such as this. Subsequently, the sponsor’s involvement may remain connected to the site via their name appearing on the equipment, or it may be renamed to reflect their participation – in the way stadiums and sports or music arenas are often renamed to reflect their sponsorship deals.

However, you choose to secure funding to renovate or replace your park play area, it’s worth exploring all the options before coming to a final decision.

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