‘Rapunzel let down your hair’ - A guide to finding the right playground tower


‘Rapunzel let down your hair’ - A guide to finding the right playground tower

Far from being a solitary ‘Rapunzel’-like tower, a playground tower is a dynamic mixture of exciting playground activity areas, which can comprise slides, swings, climbing walls, nets, ramps and steps, tunnels, peek-a-boo walls, and more.

The sky’s the limit

Providing an endless combination of features, playground towers can be fully customisable, based on the playground size and requirements, ranging from compact units to larger elaborate constructions to allow multiple children to play at a time.

They can also follow a fun design, like a fairytale castle, woodland fortress or pirate ship, allowing children to gain inspiration for creative play from the theme. Or the playground tower can be styled to be in keeping with the rest of the play area, remaining timeless in its design, and letting children’s imaginations run wild.

If the tower is to be designed for a school, we can ensure that the design follows a fun and educational play scheme to support curriculum-based learning.

Climbing new heights

Playground towers are not just a ‘nice to have’ centrepiece, they offer a whole range of benefits for all ages.

Aside from encouraging children’s physical activity outside in the fresh air, they promote imaginative play while also honing and developing key social, cognitive and motor skills. Towers can offer great problem-solving opportunities, as children learn to traverse and balance along the course, boosting confidence, as well as supporting the sharing of the space with others.

Children will be drawn to the fun a playground tower will offer and, from a business perspective, providing a space for parents and carers to sit and relax whilst they play, such as with an onsite café or shop, can benefit and support revenue, elevating your business.

Aim high

Understanding the age range of the children who will be using the playground tower is essential for the installation of the right sized equipment.

For younger children, early years towers are smaller and much lower to the ground, to decrease any potential fall heights and optimise the health and safety of the young children playing on it. For older children, the construction of the playground tower can be larger, taller, and more elaborate in its complexity, to challenge their more advanced abilities.

A towering success

Whether for a residential or commercial adventure playground area, playground towers offer a fun and beneficial feature to engage, inspire, stimulate, and often challenge young adventurers, creating a whole new world for exploration and play.

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