School's out, let the fun begin! Ideas to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays.


School's out, let the fun begin! Ideas to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays.

The summer holidays are fast approaching. Over a month off and a time for children to play and have fun. School work is halted and it’s a time for families to make memories. As it can sometimes be a tiresome task keeping children entertained, let’s look at some fun ideas.

Pop to your local park

Entertaining children doesn’t need to be expensive. Most of us live near a local park or can travel a little further to find a bigger one. Playgrounds are a great place for kids’ social development as they get to meet other children, especially useful if they don’t have any siblings to play with. It’s important that children continue to spend time around other children when away from school and it gives parents a well-deserved break. A park encourages physical activity and children can play in a safe environment.

Build a den

We all have fond memories of building dens when we were children. Finding large dust sheets, pieces of wood and cushions, and then putting them together to create a makeshift space to invite friends into. Weather permitting you could build an outside den. Let your imagination run wild with the dens you build with your little ones.

Plan a day trip

Parents and children love the opportunity to get away from home on a planned day trip. Day trips can be expensive but if you plan and book in advance you can often get deals on local trips like theme parks, the zoo and local attractions. Or you could make the most of free day trips and take a picnic with you to a nearby space, such as a park, beach or woodland.

Create a scrapbook

It’s a great idea for little ones and teenagers to keep track of their summer activities in a scrap book. They can stick pictures in, keep memorabilia, draw pictures. Teenagers can bullet point all the activities they do over the summer as a memory to look back at. It’s a chance for smaller ones to get crafty and creative with their memory book and they can take it into school with them on their first day back to show the teacher and their friends what they did over the summer.

Let the children cook

A cheap and fun thing to do is cooking! Pick a recipe with your child then they have an interest in it! Depending on your child’s age, this could be anything from a simple sponge cake to a beef lasagne. Go shopping for the ingredients and let them pick them out and push the trolley. Make a list for them to find all the ingredients and try not to help them but enjoy seeing what items they select. Get your child to chop and prepare under close observation and they can even set and decorate the table how they would like too.

Happy holidays!

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