Shaping your environment


Shaping your environment

Often referred to as playscaping by landscape architects and designers, landscaping an outdoor play area can dramatically improve the play potential of an area, creating levels of interest and new dimensions to the play possibilities. Not only does this increase the enjoyment of the play area, but it can add the opportunity of learning through play to the environment too.

Taking the high ground

Adding contrasting levels and contours, to an otherwise flat playground, provides children with somewhere new to explore, and by challenging a child’s range of physical movement, the value to development is also increased. Dens, nooks, climbing structures, mud kitchens and imaginative small world play areas can all add value and increase the enjoyment of the children using the area. The simple movements of climbing, rolling, sliding and racing up and down can help develop motor skills, increase confidence and lower body strength, and improve coordination.

Increasing the playground landscape to include different terrains, such as sand pits or artificial grass hills, can add adventure and encourage imagination. They can also encourage problem-solving, as children have to work out how to tackle these different environments. These challenges also provide a starting place for assessing risk and danger.

Coming together

Another benefit is the increased socialisation that can come with adding interest to the terrain. Children naturally seek out special spots as meeting places, and so the top of a bank – with a view of the surrounding area – or in a protected corner, to provide a secret space – are often popular spots.

Keep it natural

Building in (or rather growing) greenery into your play area, also has its advantages. Hedges can provide natural screening, creating separate areas within the play area, and trees, plants and bushes can all provide shade during the summer months.

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