Soft landings – making playgrounds safe


Soft landings – making playgrounds safe

There are several factors we take into consideration when we create our activity equipment and the spaces they inhabit. Things like how we can make our products both sustainable and appealing in appearance. We also value the entertainment or educational value anyone using our equipment is taking from the experience. But above all, we value their wellbeing and safety while they are doing this.

When you think back 20 years or more, some playgrounds and activity areas look like accidents waiting to happen. Tarmac or concrete play areas, and aging swings and slides are just some of the sights that weren’t uncommon back then. Thankfully, health and safety with regard to these matters has improved immensely and the duty of care to participants enjoying these activities ensures they are much safer these days. Of course, the maintenance and upkeep of these activity spaces are the responsibility of the respective authorities, be they a council or educational-managed area. But installing the right products from the off ensures that issues like safety, maintenance and upkeep are easier in the long-term.

A safe setting

Choosing a surface for a play or activity area is one of the most important aspects of the design process. We have a variety of safety surfaces that can be installed, that make sure that anyone landing heavily or awkwardly will have minimum consequences from the impact. As part of our catalogue, we install a wide range of soft-absorbing, durable flooring and surfaces for school playgrounds, leisure centres and local authority parks and trim trails. You can let your imagination run riot, so our range of aesthetically-pleasing surfaces can incorporate bright and bold designs, whilst also providing a safe setting for outdoor learning, recreational and fitness activities.

We offer the best solution for your setting, including hard-wearing, maintenance-free and weatherproof options. The choices include cushionfall, wetpour, rubber mulch, artificial grass and wood bark chippings as the basis for ground-level coverings. The solid options can also include playground markings and sports pitches and grids, or simply games such as noughts and crosses, and hopscotch. If the activity is intensive or at height, further safety measures can be added with playground mats, which will cushion any falls.  

Engage, inspire and protect

We specialise in the development of outdoor play schemes that promote physical activity and fun for all ages. Whether we install an adventure playground at a primary school or outdoor fitness gym equipment on local council parkland, we develop schemes that will engage, inspire, stimulate and challenge – but also protect their safety. We will ensure that there are no dangers, such as ropes to get tangled or sharp edges that can snag clothes. Our playground equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, using sustainable materials. All our equipment is tested to comply with the European Standard EN 1176. In this way, although the activities are often physically demanding and sometimes frantic, the designs minimise the chance of any injuries occurring. With outdoor play being so much a part of the curriculum now, we’re spending more and more time in the fresh air, so finding ways to do this safely is very important.

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