Swing into Spring


Swing into Spring

As the weather improves and children start to spend more time outdoors, the more fun and energetic activities become more popular. The classic playground activities of swings and slides continue to be among the most appealing of the outdoor equipment. Swings are one of the simplest outdoor activities to rig up. Parents often make a swing for their children in the garden, from a bit of old wooden plank and a couple of lengths of rope, and hang it from a tree branch. There are many professionally-made available swings on the home market too, which are easy to set up and use in your own back garden.

Traditional choice

When it comes to our product range, we have a choice of designs and configurations. Flat seat swings are always popular for all ages and remain a favourite. All swing units are manufactured using heavy duty rubber flat seats, galvanised or stainless-steel chain sets and pressure treated and planed redwood timber frames. It should be noted that as with all our products that involve activities that take place at height, safety surfacing is required for this to be installed at ground level. We can install these set-ups as a double swing unit, which allows two youngsters to enjoy the activity side-by-side. The framing can be either wooden or metal, with both available to be ordered on our website.

On the wing

If the traditional flat swing seat is not your thing, there are some modern variations that might appeal to you. We also have our Bird’s Nest swing design. This is a basket-style swing that can accommodate a single person, or a group of children can play together in the swinging Bird’s Nest. This play encourages socialising and interaction, and is a lot of fun for all ages. We can also create a Bird’s Nest Double Swing Bay, which is a double bay swings configuration with central dividing legs. These can be intermingled with flat seats, cradle seats, Bird’s Nest and support seats. There are no hard rules and it’s whatever works best in the set-up for your individual needs. All our products meet the highest standards of safety and are designed to encourage physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles.

A great opportunity

With Spring on the way, it’s the time of year to look at new opportunities. If you have an area where there is the chance to use some outdoor space in an imaginative way, then setting up some swings is a simple way to ensure activities are available for youngsters to use. Or you could even upgrade the swings that you already have in situ. If you have a space that you think will be the ideal spot for some activity equipment, then get in touch – so we can get you swinging into Spring!

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