What play equipment do school children enjoy most?


What play equipment do school children enjoy most?

At this time of year, thousands of children across the country are getting ready to say a fond farewell to their primary school. There will be ceremonies and parties to mark this event, with lots of photos and memories shared of exciting times throughout school, from the early days of nursery and reception, right up to Year 6. There’s no doubt that some of Year 6 children’s fondest memories of school will be of fun hours spent in the playground at morning and afternoon break, lunchtime and perhaps at after school club too. So, what are the most popular items of playground equipment that children will treasure memories of the most?

Zipping through the air

Ask any group of children what they enjoy playing with most on the school or park playground and the chances are that the iconic zipline will be one of the most popular choices. Wherever there is a zipline, at playtime there will always be a patient line of children queuing up for the fun of swooshing through the air, holding on to the handle for dear life. At Ace Play, we can install a zipline with a timber launch platform or alternatively straight on to a sloping play space.

Swing when you are winning

Swings are another popular choice, from low level toddler swings suitable for very young nursery children, who will need help getting in and out of them, right up to our bird nest swing, with space for several children to share and swing together. Plenty of noisy fun will be had by all!

Roundabout we go!

Whether they turn slowly or are spun round as fast as possible by the more daring of children, our wide range of roundabouts are an endless source of fun. And with our fantastic inclusive wheelchair roundabout, which is suitable for wheelchairs and scooters, they really can be fun for everyone too.

King, or queen, of the castle?

We often talk about the great physical and mental benefits for children of playing outside. Climbing equipment offers a great combination of brain teasing and physical dexterity too. From clambering over log stackers to scaling a bouldering wall, all types of climbing challenge are exciting for children and a fantastic addition to any play area.

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