Whatever the weather – all-weather play


Whatever the weather – all-weather play

As we wave goodbye to summer, and we head into autumn, the benefits of all-weather play areas become increasingly apparent. The UK is not necessarily known for its predictable weather, but despite this, there are numerous reasons children should be encouraged to play outside, whatever the weather, and having equipment that is designed specially for this, makes it safe and fun.

Using all the senses

Different weather conditions provide different sensory experiences, and a child’s development can be enhanced by witnessing the changing seasons and the sounds, smells and textures which accompany them. Even ‘bad’ weather can provide something new and exciting, such as the crunch of autumn leaves, the sound of the wind or the sight of snow falling and covering the ground. Rain doesn’t need to prevent outside play as long as the children have the right clothing to keep them dry and warm.

Playing and learning

As well as play, the changing weather also provides plenty of opportunity to teach children about the climate, the environment and the different risks which come with different weather types. Basic insights, such as drinking water and applying sunscreen in the hot weather, wrapping up well and being careful on icy paths in the cold weather, will help children adapt to changes and gain a greater understanding of their environment.

Chance to grow

Providing a safe environment for play encourages children to feel secure in their play space and become more adventurous. It is important that children access outdoor play on a regular basis, regardless of the weather. Some settings benefit from outside covers and canopies. Sheltered areas are ideal for enabling children to make the most of being outdoors. Accessible all-weather play surfacing also makes the outside better. Things like artificial grass, cushionfall, wetpour, rubber mulch, wood bark chippings and playground mats are all aesthetically pleasing and have the safety and enjoyment of the children in their design.

At Ace Play, our range of aesthetically pleasing surfaces can incorporate bright and bold designs whilst providing a safe setting for outdoor learning, recreational and fitness environments. We can offer the best solution for your setting, including hard-wearing, maintenance-free and weather-proof options.

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