Inca Blocks

Inca Blocks

Wooden children's Inca Trail with grass tops is a wonderful play area for kids. The natural look of wood and grass can spark creativity and imagination in children. It provides a unique and eco-friendly play space that blends well with outdoor environments. Kids can enjoy a fun and safe play experience while connecting with nature through this innovative play structure.


Moveable timber blocks, topped with artificial
grass to create a series of natural looking blocks.

Children will love running their hands through the
grass as they sit and play, read a story or socialise
with one another.

The Inca trail can be utilised as both seating or the
more adventurous children can create a balancing


Inca Trail
Length: 300cm
Width: 55cm
Total Height: 50cm

Product Features
• Natural aesthetic
• Moveable
• Multi-purpose

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