Log Stacker 2

Log Stacker 2

A Clamber Stack is a fantastic climbing frame made from treated round timbers and safety wire rope to create exciting structures which kids love to play on. Designed to withstand the harshest of weathers, with the expectant life span of over 15 years, a lot more with proper maintenance.

The Clamber Stack 2 has a netted rope base and lots of timbers to clamber over. It also has support ropes on the top timbers to aid balance. The design can be customised to your requirement. This Clamber Stack is superb fun for children, and can help develop balance, strength and confidence.

Steel feet are also available for our Timber Stacks.



(With safety surface)
Length: 6218mm
Width: 7512mm

(Without safety surface)
Length: 3965mm
Width: 3051mm
Height: 2700mm
Free Fall Height 1500mm

Minimum Safety Surface Area: 32.8m2

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