Water Wall

Water Wall

Our Water Wall brings water play and investigative learning to your early years playground. Connect up a hose from your outside tap to the Water Spout and you’ll have water flowing down the channels in whichever route you create.

Use the Water Spout as a continual supply controlled by a tap at the top of the post, or use it to flow water down the wall and fill up your tubs, buckets or jugs ready for pouring back down again by hand.

Children will love guiding the water to spin the water wheel and force the wall-mounted cloud to rain. Working together in teams, children will also be able to guide the water to other sources and pieces of equipment.

This fantastic investigative resource will develop children’s understanding of scientific topics such as gravity, flow, the water cycle, water recycling, source to mouth and kinetic energy. It can also teach children about mass, volume and the weight of materials - see how much water volume you can save from splashing on the floor!

Our water walls can be made to any size and can be fixed or freestanding.

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