New Year new playground - ensure your play areas are up to date for 2024


New Year new playground - ensure your play areas are up to date for 2024

As the carols fade away, and the warmth of family and friend’s gatherings dissipates, it’s a good time to embrace 2024. Playgrounds are constantly evolving and 2024 promises to introduce more sustainable playgrounds, featuring natural materials, integrating technology, and encouraging inclusivity.

Part of the importance of a playground is to encourage imaginative play. Playtime also helps children to develop key skills, including confidence, social skills, motor skills and flexibility. These factors all need to be considered when creating your design. Low and tall structures, colourful surfaces and beautiful landscaping are all key to a 2024 playground.

Keeping it natural

The ever-popular trend is playgrounds that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings and allow the children to connect with the environment in which they are playing. Equipment can be made from natural elements, using earth tones, as opposed to traditional metal and plastic. Equipment is usually made from wood which is sustainable and pleasing to the eye. Natural playgrounds help to encourage creative play, physical activity, sensory exploration and awareness of the environment in which children are playing. These groundbreaking playgrounds are prioritising sustainability through eco-friendly designs to contribute to a greener, more responsible future for the children who play there.

Inclusive playgrounds

It’s important a playground is inclusive, and this will be a key factor for 2024 playgrounds. Inclusivity means the playground is designed to meet the needs of children who, for example, use a mobility device, are sight impaired, have autism or another condition. Sensory play is an important element in an inclusive playground; all children are fascinated by touch, sight, hearing and smell.

With technology we can achieve the unimaginable

In a world where technology knows no bounds, the innovation of integrating technology into playgrounds is just around the corner. The plan in the future is to have playgrounds with Wi-Fi connection, solar powered equipment and apps which will track physical activity. Technology like this can help a child’s engagement with play.

Here at Ace Play, we specialise in the development of outdoor play schemes that promote physical activity and fun for all ages! Whether we install an adventure playground at a primary school or outdoor fitness gym equipment on local council parkland, we develop schemes to engage, inspire, stimulate and often challenge participants!

Outdoor play is now a major part of the school curriculum and using our wealth of experience, we can develop an interactive playground setting that links with your learning topics and targets. We offer a free consultation during which we will discuss the vast range of options available to you. We also provide a high level of aftercare, should it be required. For more information about what we do, contact us today!

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