Rocking into the New Year - A look at rocking apparatus for early learning years


Rocking into the New Year - A look at rocking apparatus for early learning years

The new year still brings its fair share of wintry conditions, and entertaining young ones can be challenging when the weather isn’t always on your side and daylight hours are limited.

However, any dull days can instantly be livened up by a trip to the playground, which is why it’s so important to ensure that there’s plenty of bright and enticing play equipment available to suit all ages.

Young children will love anything which rocks and bounces with some movement, and they will be entranced by the presence of fun and colourful springy playground rockers, see saws and balance bars and steps.

 Not only are these a favourite fixture for children to play on, but they are also an ideal way for early learning years to develop their balance, co-ordination and physical movement.

Rock on

Playground rockers are available in a wide variety of entertaining styles to complement any playground design, including animals, vehicles or abstract shapes. As these are often designed to incorporate a seat, side panels, handrails and footrest, young children able to sit up on their own unaided can enjoy playing on these whilst staying safe.

See Saw Margery Daw

See saws have been popular forms of play for children for centuries, as shown by the old nursery rhyme ‘See Saw Margery Daw’ which first appeared around 1765!

See saws traditionally provide space for two children to bounce and play, but they can also accommodate up to four children with a multi-way springy, offering much amusement for several children to bounce together.

The floor is lava!

Balance bars and steps allow more mobile children to bound and wobble across this item of equipment, and make a great addition to any playground, allowing for plenty of imaginative play for what could lie beneath!

Ace choice

At Ace Play, we use only the best quality springs and components to build our playground spring rockers and seesaws, which provide you with high quality, safe, durable and reliable products which parents and children will love to play with for many years.

Discover more about our range of rocking and springy playground equipment, or contact our team to see how we can provide the right fixtures for your play offering.


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